Girl’s excited to see favorite character unaware it’s her Army daddy

The only thing better than having CoComelon show up at her birthday was finding out it was her military daddy – who she hadn’t seen in months.

The only thing 3-year-old Zakharia loves more than CoComelon is her father, Alabama National Guard soldier Pvt 2nd. Class Keven Fuqua.

  • “She just loves CoComelon. The only way she’ll be quiet is to watch CoComelon. If she gets the remote in her hand or on the phone or YouTube or anything, it’s gotta be CoComelon,” Fuqua told Militarykind.

So, he figured that CoComelon was the perfect way to disguise himself during a surprise homecoming.

More than 4,000 people have watched the video of Fuqua’s happy homecoming for his daughter’s birthday.

  • “Awww I love seeing a daddy’s girl loving on her father! 🤍🥺” one YouTube commenter wrote.
  • “Your family, friends, and your children are extremely proud of you, and never forget that!!! Stay safe and blessed,” said another.

Check out the heartwarming video of this creative reunion below. It’s so sweet!

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