Jennifer Grey recalls unpleasant experience while working with Patrick Swayze on Dirty Dancing

I can’t believe this movie came out 35 years ago It has been 35 years since the world first met Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman and her dashing dance instructor, Johnny Castle, the characters played by actress Jennifer Grey and actor Patrick Swayze in the 1987 hit film “Dirty Dancing.”

It was a film that made millions fall in love in the summer of 1987, and it brought attention to the two main stars who achieved stardom after starring in their roles. Everyone went crazy for the sexy dance instructor and his innocent young student.

Sparks flew whenever the stars were together.

Because of their incredible chemistry, both Jennifer and Patrick were loved by the fans as a couple and as individual stars. Whenever they were together, fans would swoon and clamor over their attention and presence.

.More than 3 decades after its launch, one might think that people would forget about a film – but it’s different for iconic movies.

It was a crazy time and both stars were phenomenal.

In a recent interview with People, actress Jennifer Grey shared her take on how it was when she and Patrick worked together.

Hear more about Jennifer’s experiences with Swayze in the video below!

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