Little Girl Puts Her Classmate In A Headlock Because He Asked Her To Marry Him

Kynlee McFetridge, a 3-year old girl, put one of her classmates into a headlock after he asked her to marry him.

She currently attends preschool in Saint Charles, Missouri. Kynlee’s mother followed up on the incident by asking her questions.

Be warned, there are some heartbreaking details below!

The unlucky boy’s name was Jack. He asked Kynlee to marry him which she didn’t like. “But kids don’t get married so that’s why I put a headlock down on him, and that’s why I took him down,” Kynlee can be heard telling her mother in the video.

The reasoning behind why she did it in the first place will break your heart, though. When she was just five months old, Kynlee underwent heart surgery. Her father, Scott McFetridge, taught her how to wrestle in order to make her feel stronger. He said that his reasoning for wrestling and roughhousing with her was to make her stronger so she could catch up to the other kids.

Kynlee’s father understands that she may have gotten a little bit too rough in the process of his efforts. But most importantly, it has made her a stronger girl who can and will stand up for herself.

I believe that Kynlee’s father did an amazing job of teaching her how to stand up for herself. Although she didn’t need to put Jack in a headlock for his question, it was all in good spirit.

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