Shelter dog started to cry when recognized the man standing in front of him

A dog got into one of the shelters in Washington: rather young, almost a puppy. But her behavior was very different from the other pets of the shelter. They are equally drawn to people, adore the attention and affection of the shelter staff, and they do everything to please the visitors they see.

But Roscoe was different. He remained unsociable and had no communication neither with his fellow tribesmen nor with the staff of the shelter and even never demonstrated any delight at their appearance.

Such behavior would have been natural if Roscoe had been mistreated but this shelter had volunteers who were addicted to this activity as they loved animals very much.

It was obvious that something was bothering the dog and the shelter staff decided to understand what was the secret kept in her heart. They posted his picture on the web.

And a miracle took place! One of the farmers in the nearest village saw this post and immediately called the shelter. He said that his beloved puppy got lost three years ago and Roscoe looks very much alike. The owner shared that he had been looking for the pet for a whole year but all in vain.

When the man arrived at the shelter and approached the enclosure, the dog suddenly got frozen and began sniffing. After that he suddenly squealed and joyfully threw himself at his feet, ran in circles and wagged his tail.

While being in shelter, no one saw him in such a state. The owner could not hold back his tears when he saw the dog remembered him and was extremely happy.