Here is 189-year-old senior turtle considered to be the oldest terrestrial animal living on Earth.

Meet 189-year-old majestic tortoise and let’s compare his photos taken in 1886 and 2022

Humnas are believed to live much longer than majority of animals, yet, there are such kind of creatures that successfully outlive us, humans, and one brilliant example of them are tortoises. And today, meet about two centuries old senior animal.

His name is Jonathan and he is currently recorded to be the oldest living overland creature in the whole world. At this moment, this majestic animal dwells in the Saint Helena island.

A fascinating fact about this amazing animal is that people could find his photographs taken more than a century ago. The very first picture of him was taken in 1886 and it is unbelievable that after so many years the animal’s appearance didn’t really change. Jonathan is now fully grown up and his eyesight and hearing are getting worse day by day.

The vets already see some sign of aging, yet the tortoise is quite active and enthusiastic. So in order to keep him healthy and strong enough, a special diet is kept for him. Here is his photo taken more than 100 years ago and let’s compare it with the photo which was made several days ago.

You can witness this wonderful senior reptile in the following video!