I don’t let my neighbors into my own vegetable garden under any pretext, and for good reason. Sharing details

I always thought it was necessary to maintain good and cordial relations with my neighbors. When my mother didn’t welcome them and avoided their visits in every way, I wondered if it was possible. And if something happens?

But two incidents quickly weaned me off the “goat in the garden.

The first was with a neighbor, a nice and pleasant woman.

She was very close to the road if you walk through our lot, so we even showed her the key in case we weren’t home. And for a long time everything was fine. She kept admiring our vegetable garden, praising it, and a kind word to the cat is nice. And then we noticed how she goes with a relative to dig a few varieties of strawberries. Asked already, but I said no. I sell strawberries, and I do not benefit if someone else offers the same varieties at the local market. But here grandmother decided, I’m not home, and I come out to meet, hello! So they dug up bushes do not want to give more! Then they still found a way to get in, but that’s another story. And if I did not let them in – they would not know what I have where it grows.

Another grandmother was one of those who spend the winter in the city, in clinics tormenting doctors, moaning and groaning, but they themselves can plow. Summer in nature gives them health, the only trouble is that they are bored. When we come here, they rush right away to talk, to hear the latest gossip. This old woman was so annoying, you can push her out and she goes into the garden like honey on her hand.

I liked eggplants: they were already bearing fruit to the full. But at her grandmother’s, they were just blooming. She asked her grandmother to try one and she just couldn’t get it out: we had them withering, but insects ate them. They never grew after that: dry, damp, rotten, and wormy. But my grandmother trades at the market!

Believe it or not, but I offer to visit myself. And you know, also not invited! We communicate over the fence and that’s enough.